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The Wedding Bands represent the exchange of commitment between the two loved ones.

As said symbol, it can not be something cold, industrial, rigid … it must be warm, loving, passionate and nothing better that emerges from the hands of an artist, reflecting the union of the couple.

Fili Plaza makes alliances, as do its sculptures, which transmit the strength of couples, through the expression of the lines based on the feelings of the lovers and the entity of each one.

New collection of alliances: “COMPENETRATED” in silver in which the shapes fit, in the same way as the couple.

Come to our official points of sale where you will find the entire collection and with the professional advice of our staff you can choose the most suitable for you

Fili Plaza Barcelona Concept Gallery c/Petritxol 17, Barcelona

Fili Plaza Barcelona Galeria de joyas c/ Provença 225, Barcelona


A beautifull love story happened today at our Galería de joyas c/Provença 225, Barcelona.
A lovely couple came into the gallery they bought their #weddingbands and they exchange them with true love words…soy they are just married to our eyes😍😍😍😍🍾🍾🍾🍾 congratulations to Gary &Maria

You deserve the very best! We feel so proud being part of this amazing love story!!! Hope to see you again❤❤❤

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