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Passion for my work.

Fili Plaza reflects in her work the emotional world of the Mediterranean culture, with its sensuality and luminosity.

The nature of this universe offers her the bases to find the forms and textures that best reflect the human passions and emotions.

This exposition allows her to quickly combine her work and the feminine universe. And, thus, the sensitive women identify with these jewels and illuminate them as an expression of their personality.

Author’s Selection

Fili Plaza initiates her creative life as a sculptor in 1983. Through her sculptures she finds the freedom to investigate shapes and textures of the human nature, to transmit emotions: sensuality, femininity, freedom, duality between the feminine and the masculine, the union between man and woman, the strenght that joins as well as separates them.

Years later, in 2003, her work evolves towards the Contemporary Jewellery. She adds her experience from the sculptures to contemporary jewels, bathing them in creativity, emotion, expression, strength, textures and love. She uses the same material used for her sculptures: Bronze.

FILI PLAZA BARCELONA is a family enterprise consolidated as a brand in the jewellery market. All the jewels are created by Fili Plaza Made in Barcelona. The collections are the fruit of her permanent study of the shapes, the textures and the materials. They are the result of a handcrafted process that makes each of them unique.

Fili Plaza’s sculptural baggage allows her to transmit, in each of the jewels, an endless number of sensations and emotions.


Last July 28, 2017, Fili Plaza was awarded with the Gold Star by the Institute for Professional Excellence. It was an honor to receive this award for the work done and the work to be done in the future. Thanks to the team that makes it possible, for the humanity of the members, for their empathy and teamwork, for the desire to constantly improving the creativity.

The Institute for Professional Excellence awards every year the most outstanding Spanish institutions, companies and professionals as for their capacity to innovate and foster a good economic and social development. With this philosophy, oriented towards Total Quality in all of their actions that present positive trends with a commitment to continuous improvement and to always respect Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are potentially rewarding. The institutions, companies and professionals who receive this award become a model and reference in their sector both nationally and internationally thanks to the media impact that this merit enjoys. The Gold Star allows the organizations that possess the “Gold Star of Professional Merit” the “Accreditation Certificate of Excellence” -as well as the different certifications or distinctions- to use it, according to the specific rules, in all its publications, communications and media, evidencing a social recognition to its management.

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Made in Barcelona

All our collections and unique pieces are designed and made in Barcelona.
This is an author jewel from FILI PLAZA BARCELONA. The variation that may occure are due to the handcrafted process.
Hope you enjoy it as much as the artist did when making the jewel!
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